Lee Ann & Chris // Headshots and Couples Session, Kitsap Co. WA

I met the lovely Lee Ann over three years ago when we first moved here to Bremerton. We connected right away, and over the years have had the pleasure of seeing each other thrive even through difficult seasons. One such success was Lee Ann becoming one of the best realtors in the county! In fact, she had a huge hand in our family finding our dream home! Every day Sam and I say to each other, “How great is this house?! So amazing!” So, needless to say: we are big fans of hers!

Which is why I was doubly thrilled when she asked me to do new headshots for her! YES! I couldn’t wait! It was tricky to find a time, and the night we landed on just happened to be “date night” for her and partner– “Great!” I said, “I was going to ask you to bring Chris along anyway!”
I love doing headshots and they always turnout best if there is a friend/spouse/partner who comes along–I have my “smiling” tricks, but nothing can substitute for genuine love, laughter, and connection between two people. And these two lovebirds have it in spades.

In between outfit changes for Lee Ann, I got to know Chris a little better and asked if she needed a headshot or two for her job: a mental health counselor and health & wellness coach. She was totally game, and before we knew it we got headshots and hugging shots and couples shots and had an absolute BALL together! I didn’t want the session to end!

Between Lee Ann helping families find their dream home and Chris helping counsel and coach her clients toward living and achieving their dreams, this couple is totally helping us folks in Kitsap County(and the greater Seattle area!) to live our best lives! I know totally felt that way during their session, and I hope you have too looking through their images. Enjoy!

See their whole session here: