Cherry Blossom Session // Bremerton, WA

This mama was daydreaming of cherry blossoms during the snow storm this winter when she contacted me to put her session on the books. We couldn’t plan a specific day then because one never knows exactly when those beautiful blossoms will be out and for how long. Of course, that is the wonderful thing about hiring a birth photographer for your family portrait session: I’m so flexible with my schedule–I usually only have about a one hour notice to get to a birth, having a few days or even weeks heads up feels so luxurious to me!

Once I saw the first signs of buds, we put a date on the calendar. Thankfully, I also kept an eye on the forecast and could see that perhaps the blossoms might be blown away by the time our session time arrived and so we rescheduled to a closer day–and thank goodness we did! The day after our session the wind and rain came and washed away our beautiful location. I’m so so thankful we were able to make this session a reality. I love this family and feel so lucky to be a witness to their unfolding story. They love their daughter more than words could say; but I think these images convey those feelings.